Cloud PBX

Why Cloud PBX?

The Benefits of a HyperVoice Cloud PBX is an always available, secure communications solution that can grow with your business. A few of these important features are listed below.


Our Hosted PBX platforms are hosted in Secure, Tier 3+/4 Certified Datacenters. HyperVoice runs on a fully redundant network with redundant servers similar to Amazon and Azure, providing the higest degree of uptime and reliability.


  • How much bandwidth do I need for a Cloud PBX?
    Generally, a Cloud PBX will use bandwidth depending on the number of calls occuring and also dependant on the Codec in use. We generally use PCM U-Law which uses approx 80 Kbit/sec per call to keep call quality equivilent to the ISDN standard.
  • So what is "Cloud" PBX?
    In the past, most phone systems required buying hardware and paying someone to install and maintain it. With Cloud PBX, your phone service is delivered from our data centers. All you have to do is buy the phones and connect them to the Internet. We may also supply you with a small device called an SBC that will assist with call quality if your internet service isn't upto our standards for delivery.
  • How Much Does Cloud PBX Cost?
    The cost of your organization's Cloud PBX investment will vary primarily based on the size of your organization and number of phone lines. Additional factors that influence the cost of Cloud PBX include:
    * Add-on features
    * Internet installation
    * Handset selections
    * International calling needs
    * Security and compliance requirements
    * Bandwidth needs

Flexible Setup Options

Tailored to your requirements

Cloud PBX

Self Managed Cloud PBX on the Software of your choosing!

Subscription Features

  • Self Managed Cloud PBX
  • Select from either 3CX or HypervoicePBX
  • BYO Licensing
  • Support is Billed AdHoc
  • Instance Backed Up Nightly

Fully Managed
Cloud PBX

Fully Managed and Licensed Cloud PBX from HypeVoice

Subscription Features

  • Fully Managed By HyperVoice Profressionals
  • HyperVoice Supplied Software
  • Licensing Included
  • Support Included
  • Instance Backed Up Nightly